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Couriers to Norway

One of the courier companies you select from the quote, will collect your parcel in order to transport it from the UK to Norway. We offer the cheap rates from various carrier services which specialize and provide top of the line door-to-door delivery services in both United Kingdom and Norway.

International, overseas shipping from the United Kingdom to Norway can become a whole lot easier and cheaper with a reliable and flexible postage partner at your side, handling your parcel. If you want to get the best rates for all possible methods of delivery to Norway, fill in the quote on our website and get calculations along with comparisons between the services, offered by numerous companies and their prices. Then simply make a decision.

International shipping requires a lot of extensive planning, understanding legal backgrounds and requirements of customs control. Only a quality-oriented and capable courier service can provide those commodities for its customers. You can expect the parcel to arrive to the country of never-ending winter magic, within a very short time-span.

Parcelabc works with a lot of local and international courier companies delivering door to door to Norway from the UK so your options of postage are plentiful.

We would like to issue a reminder that other courier companies who are delivering to Norway from the United Kingdom have individual terms in accordance to parcel acceptance. Parcelabc recommends you to get familiar with the terms and rules of the company other than Parcelabc that you choose to work with.

After the courier company pick-up the parcel, you will get a unique tracking number which is linked to your parcel, which will be travelling to Norwegian lands. Use this number on Parcelabc’s website to track your shipment wherever and whenever. It’s called Live Tracking.

Express deliveries to Norway.

  • Faster

  • Better

  • Reassuring

If you find yourself in a hurry to get a package delivered to someone in Norway, we can offer our express postage to Norway services. Fill in the quote to get offers and a list of available express courier services to Norway. Your choice that you make in the quote matters on Parcelabc, because only you can select the company which will make the arrangements to do the delivery at a cost which is fair.

Express postage allows the desired package to reach its destination much quicker, but for a slightly higher tariff. Plus, Parcelabc allows the customer to choose any shipping method to Norway from the one provided in our quote, whether it is the quickest one or the cheapest one so if you can’t go over the budget, it’s no problem at all.

After picking out the service, a suitable time will be scheduled in order for the courier to come and pick-up the parcel heading to Norway. Then, the parcel will make its journey from the British Isles, over to the Western part of Scandinavia. Depending on the courier service’s terms you have agreed on, the parcel will arrive at the recipient’s door accordingly.

Courier services delivering to Norway can also be double-insured. How does that work? Parcelabc offers an optional service to insure your package, which is cheap and we would encourage you to do it, if the package which is being sent to Norway, contains something precious. The couriers take responsibility to deliver the package unharmed and unbroken, so it works as a double layer of protection from Parcelabc and the company handling the delivery.

Why does Parcelabc get the best rates for both regular international and express post from the UK to Norway? Because our business model is focused on the customer rather than an unfair advantage that would push the consumer to make a decision that is forced upon them. We cut down costs by avoiding harmful partnerships and keeping the competition for your parcel high!

In both Norway and the United Kingdom we have the ability to offer a lot of postage deals. The services Parcelabc provides are also oriented towards the customer, giving them the ability to decide for themselves which not many other companies can offer.

As mentioned before, prices of the courier services to Norway are calculated by taking into account the distance parcel(s) have to be transported, weight and dimensions along with rarely applicable import taxes. Each and every courier company delivering to Norway has individual cost calculators, but you can see the exact costs of your particular parcel’s transportation to Norway from the UK on our website after you fill in the quote.